Julie (rosylavie) wrote in architopia,

Postopolis, Ball-Nogues Studio

by Regine Debatty

"From Day 3 of Postopolis, the 5-day blogathon of presentations, interviews and panel talks about landscape and the built environment that ended last Saturday, i'm going to write only about the talk of Benjamin Ball from Ball-Nogues Studio. My first encounter with their work happened 3 years ago through blogs and magazines that were raving about Maximilian's Schell, a temporary outdoor installation that the Californian duo had installed in the courtyard of Materials & Applications in Los Angeles. I finally got to experience one of their works last Autumn at the Venice Architecture Biennial. Titled Echoes Converge and made of thousands of coloured string catenaries, the installation attempted to create a visual sensation reminiscent of the audio phenomenon of an echo while it kinetically registered the gentle currents of air as visitors experienced its cloud like volume."

Tags: architecture, art, house, installation, living
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