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Reading the Streetscape: Idea Incubators

With the onset of spring I am trying to envision low-cost solutions to pretty up the backyard. Picturing an archway over the entrance to my backyard and light fabrics to cover up the horrendous green corrugated roofing. How a few small changes will affect the experience of the space is something I like to speculate on. Likewise I like to look at particularly interesting buildings in Toronto with multiple intended users and daydream about their subtle structures...
  • MaRS Discovery District: With biotech/biopharmaceutical firms, affiliated research institutes, the university of Toronto, and several teaching hospitals in the area adjacent to the MaRS building I, this is the most concentrated center of scientific research in Canada. The next phase of building was awarded to Alexandria, a real-estate development company whose logo is a lighthouse that supplies premiere lab and research facilities. It blows my mind to imagine a whole world of high-end development that most people need to know next-to-nothing about.
  • Center for Social Innovation: A place that is more an incubator than an office, home to over 100 social mission groups. My sister works from here sometimes when she's on this side of the country.
  • 401 Richmond St. W: A city within the City. Home to over 140 cultural producers and microenterprises, as well as a spectacular, much-loved green roof where many take their lunch under the rooftop shade of an urban oasis.
  • Aga Khan Trust for Culture: had a presentation here last week about their work in preservation of historic Muslim cultural/religious monuments around the world. The restoration works in war-torn Afganistan were intended to create community centers around historic local identifying monuments. One of the first such projects was to restore a garden for public use.
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